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Blush, bush, blush!



Many of you are asking us for tips about …..Blush! We've got you: either you are looking online or in a store window, all shades look equally beautiful and you are just wondering which one to buy for yourself.  Blush is one of your best allies when are about to look younger and give life to your face. No clues about where to start? Right, first thing first: stay on the natural side, which means think about which color are your cheeks when you flush or after a good walk in the park, this will help with picking up a color that will complement your skin tone. Many women will say now “Pink!” like it was the all-for-one color; well, it is a fresh, soft color but does not go for it if your skin is ivory/golden, go instead for a peachy/coral tone (like Glitzy Coral Blush) that can make to freshen up your look. If you have olive skin, go for some richness and opt for a deep coral or a pinky brown ( like Glitzy Cinnamon Toast ); if your skin is bronze/ebony you can play with a bright orange ( like Glitzy Sunset) or a reddish brown. Absolutely a must, smile in front of your mirror and apply the apple of your cheek towards your ears; this will give you a lift from within. How much is enough? Apply the blush once and then take two steps back from your mirror: can you see it on your cheeks? Fab, that's the right amount. Not really? Apply a bit more. A bit too much? Do not panic and tap your brush in your face powder, then over the blush to tone down the intensity.

Now, formulas: powder blush is softer, more buildable, and suitable for any skin type; cream blush is for normal/dry skin. If you are applying a cream blush, do not overuse it as likely the texture will allow you to blend it a lot; just tap once or twice in the pot with your fingers or a compact brush and apply. For the powder blush, the best tool is a big, soft brush, rounded or angled shaped.

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