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Powder anyone?



Many women think that using face powder will make them look older, ending for drying up the skin, but this is definitely not true! A good quality, finely milled powder helps makeup to set and look natural and actually hydrate, thanks to good ingredients like hyaluronic acid ; also, they create a silky canvass for your coloured product as blush or bronzer, so they can go easily and evenly. When you are buying a new powder, the best test is to touch it; it should feel soft and silky – as the finest velvet. Now, powder comes loose or pressed; we love the classic loose one, it helps to set the makeup and you can have a better finish. Matte or luminous? This depend from which kind of look you wish to go for, if this is about looking younger we have no hesitation: choose luminous. The light – reflecting particles will work as a softening retouch all over. And what about shades? If you are not sure, just pick a transparent one, that works with every look and style; coloured ones are fine but you need to chose carefully as they might build up some extra colour to your face and in the end, not look so natural anymore. Last tip, if you are applying your beautiful powder all over the face please use a big, soft, possibly drop-shaped brush (so you will reach every angle) whilst if you are just having a touch-up feel free to go for that fluffy, adorable, vintage-looking velvet puff that will stroke your nose!

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