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In a nutshell

As we are passionate about Vegan living, of course this include Vegan food! It is not a secret  for anyone that there is a relation between nutrition and beauty; if you include certain foods in your daily diet, your skin will glow - and a beautiful, healthy canvass is the best makeup base. So, let's talk about nuts ; they are definitely good for a natural, satisfying snack by themselves or added into your favourite granola or smoothie but are you aware about how amazing they are? Let's take a 
close look and which are the best for your skin (generally speaking, all of them are great!).
Almonds : one of the most popular of all nuts. If you can, eat whole almonds, with the skin on as it contain 20 different anti-oxidants that fight skin ageing; also is rich in vitamin E for skin elasticity, Calcium and Magnesium, that helps with fatigue and stress. 
Pistachios : the richest in anti-oxidants of them all, also comes packed in vitamin E.
Macadamia: those little rounded ones  are so rich in nutrients that you cannot make a mistake having them! Vitamin a (for skin regeneration) in addition to others, again loads of anti-oxidants and minerals.
Peanuts: super rich in protein and vitamin E (also, did you know that botanically speaking is a legume and not a nut?)
Brazil Nuts: particularly rich in Selenium, not an easy mineral to find in food (one of the most effective anti-oxidant), again vitamin E and protein-packed. 
So now, when you get a good handful of those, you are becoming younger and healthier! 
Disclaimer : Those are general advice and opinion, we cannot guarantee that those will work for you. Please consult your doctor before drastically change your eating habit .Please keep in mind that everyone is different and it s possible to be allergic to anything.

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