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Eyeliner Ready?

When is about eyeliners, the most frequent question is : which one? here our overview and some tips for you. First one: try to apply your eyeliner with the eyes open, standing in front of the mirror and checking what you are doing whilst doing it. You don't need a one, long line; you can start from the wing and reach the middle of your eyelid and then start from your inner corner inwards.

If you are still learning how to handle it, play safe with a thin line along your top lash line, as poorly applied eyeliners make the eyes look a lot smaller.

Liquid  : usually coming with either a small brush or a felt tip, is one of the most dramatic as a result; because some brushes are very soft, this might be not the best choice if you are still practising with eyeliners or if you are looking for a soft definition, but one of the best if you are applying with false eyelashes. Tip: always apply only along the top lash line, on the bottom it looks harsh and unnatural. 

Pencil : It is the most common used and one of the easy option, if not the easiest to control and, in case, to fix is something goes wrong; definitely "the one" if you are still not too sure about the result you wish to achieve. One big plus is that you cam easily smudge it with a short, flat brush to create a soft line - if you are over 40, this is your technique! It will gives you a lot of definition with an elegant, polished look. Tip: make sure your pencil eyeliner is at least water-resistant, this because being softer than the others formulations, it might smudge easily on the bottom line and create a shadow around your eyes. 

Gel: our choice here at Glitzy. Very easy to use if your hand is steady, and usually drying quicker than liquid but with a glossier finish. Buildable and silky, it glides on the lash line and help you to crate the look you like. Usually long-wearing, stay on very well and is probably the best if you apply your eyeliner in the morning and do not wish to retouch it. Tip: if you want a bold look, this formula is the best for double lining, so you can apply an eyeshadow that match your eyeliner for an intense look. A classic for this? Sparkly black eyeshadow on top of black gel eyeliner.

Let's talk also about colours, right? Black is black, it is always a winner and basically works with every eye colour, but you can play a bit more. If you  have blue eyes, a steel Grey might be a very interesting option that makes the blue of your eyes pop, or an intense Blue (like our Navy Gel Eyeliner), as well as a deep Green, like a pine or cypress green (especially using a neutral eyeshadow). If your eyes are Hazel or Green, a deep purple (like our Eggplant Gel Eyeliner) will steal the show - try to pair it up with a Golden or Champagne eyeshadow, as well as a golden, bronzy Brown.  If your eyes are brown or black, well, you are the luckiest as you look gorgeous with almost all of them! Just make sure you go for intense, bold option to avoid the "wash out" effect.

Happy eyeliners to you all!

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